Versa-Floor™ Long-Span Composite Systems



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  • Versa-Dek® Long-Span Composite Systems
    Versa-Dek® Long-Span Composite Systems Brochure

    Versatile, long-span composite floor system for multi-story construction. The dovetail profile of Versa-Dek® keys to concrete, creating a superior composite bond. Because more concrete is placed in the bottom of the deck, the total slab thickness needed to achieve fire ratings is the shallowest available.

  • Deep-Dek® Long-Span Composite Load Tables
    Deep-Dek® Long-Span Composite Load Tables

    New interactive PDF provides all the load table information you need to specify Deep-Dek® Composite, our longest spanning composite floor system. It integrates concrete and deep-ribbed deck profiles with custom side lap treatments to create a unique composite bond. The system is an excellent fit in structures demanding combinations of shallow depth high-load capacity and stringent serviceability demands.

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  • Deep-Dek® Long-Span Composite Systems
    Deep-Dek® Long-Span Composite Systems

    Engineered for a wide range of multi-story applications, Versa-Floor™ systems featuring Deep-Dek® Composite are long-span composite floor solutions for spans up to 36-feet, allowing for unobstructed open space design. Shallow depth floors weigh less and install quickly.

  • Versa-Wedge® Hangers for Versa-Dek® Systems
    Brochure for Versa-Wedge MEP hanger system

    Engineered for efficient and economical installation of suspended ceilings, sprinkler pipes, mechanical ducts, electrical, plumbing and other utilities from dovetail steel decking.