Versa-Floor™ Long-Span Composite Systems



Sustainable design using Versa-floor

As life cycle analysis increasingly becomes the standard on multi-story projects, Versa-Floor™ reduces the overall carbon-footprint of the structure by efficient use of both recycled steel and concrete. Versa-Floor™ deck products are fabricated from steel manufactured at mini-mills using scrap steel. Therefore, our product can be used towards points under the Materials and Resources Credit 4, which covers Recycled Content.

Material Usage
  • Composite design optimizes material usage
  • Lightweight concrete option minimizes support structure
  • Deck plenums increase space utilization and long, clear spans permit obstruction-free MEP placement
  • Eliminate formwork and waste
  • Exposed structure eliminates fireproofing and drop ceiling materials
Air Quality
  • Pipe sleeves and hangers eliminate slab core drilling
  • Pneumatic deck fastening eliminates welding fumes
  • No gypsum or spray-on fire protectant eliminates dust
Energy Usage
  • Concrete thermal mass stabilizes room temperatures
  • Panelized Delivery Method™reduces use of man lifts and cranes
  • Steel produced from up to 80% recycled materials
Sustainable design examples