Versa-Floor™ Long-Span Composite Systems



Structural design options

Whether your building will feature cast-in-place, precast, post-tension concrete, or a traditional steel frame, we can provide the most effective, cost-efficient long-span composite floor system.

Slab analysis and design includes structural analysis for determination of:

  • 1. Deep-Dek® Composite and Versa-Dek® Composite deck panel material types, connections and temporary shoring placement frequency (when shoring is necessary)
  • 2. Concrete properties including depth, volume, density and compressive strength
  • 3. Slab reinforcing steel, as necessary, for:
  • a. Continuity over supports
  • b. Limiting long-term deflection
  • c. Temperature and shrinkage control
  • d. Slab penetrations as predetermined by the project engineer of record
  • e. Fire-endurance rating
  • 4. Diaphragm capacities
Structural analysis for design efficiency