Versa-Floor™ Long-Span Composite Systems

Deck Systems

Deep-Dek® Composite – the longest open spans possible

Deep Dek

For clear spans up to 36 ft., Versa-Floor™ systems featuring Deep-Dek® Composite are the longest spanning floor systems available.

Deep-Dek® Composite combines the structural advantages of a flat-plate slab with the time and cost-saving advantages of a permanent form slab. Span-to-depth ratios equal those of traditional cast-in-place concrete and hollow-core plank. Space-saving Deep-Dek® Composite floors weigh less than equivalent concrete floors and install faster.

Exposed ceilings – two distinct aesthetics

Choose from a deep-fluted appearance or a smooth surface with thin structural ribbing. Available in a variety of finish options. The smooth surface of Deep-Dek® Composite Cellular Acoustical also allows for optional acoustical treatments.

Profile illustration of Exposed Deep Dek and application examples
Optimize multi-story construction

To reduce cost and increase safety, you can pre-assemble panels up to 30-ft. wide on the ground using our Panelized Delivery Method™. Unshored concrete pours for spans up to 22-ft. and shored for spans up to 36-ft.

  • Spans up to 36 ft.
  • Installs directly onto the frame
  • Deep-ribbed steel-deck profile
  • Factory-closed ends speed installation
  • Safer, cost-effective panelized method
  • Unshored pours up to 22-ft. spans