Versa-Floor™ Long-Span Composite Systems


Panelized Delivery Method™

Multi-story panelized deck construction

For high-rise applications designed with Versa-Floor™ systems comprised of Deep-Dek® Composite, builders can utilize our Panelized Delivery Method™ (PDM) for cost-effective installation. By shifting high-risk construction processes to the ground, PDM makes effective use of traditional labor and equipment resources. It also lowers installation costs and improves safety onsite. Options include pre-assembly of deck-only panels or panels combined with support beams.


At‐grade panel assembly is less affected by weather and saves time and energy by not requiring workers to move equipment between floors. Projects facing tight schedules can benefit from Versa‐Floor™ PDM.


This method takes workers off the frame and puts them on the ground in a safer environment. The panels provide an immediate walking platform once in place.

Cost effective

Reduce worker's compensation insurance premiums up to 40%. When workers are not exposed to hazardous conditions, they can work faster, reduce the amount of time it takes to assemble the floor system, and decrease overall project costs.

Panel assembly at ground level Panelized multi-story construction