Versa-Floor™ Long-Span Composite Systems


Our Expertise

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Nationwide, we support the integration of Versa-Floor™ systems throughout the design and construction process. The selected system will be engineered to address your primary design objectives, while taking into account total project costs. All areas of system compliance and performance will be addressed by our certified engineering analysis. In addition, we will fully prep and train the builder to ensure the successful and efficient installation of the system.

Design Assistance

In addition to structural studies prepared during schematic design stages, we will provide a certified engineering analysis of the Versa-Floor™ system, suitable for permitting purposes. Fire ratings, acoustical performance and ICC ES compliance will be addressed. We may also recommend an in-place test of the vibration characteristics of the system, using our DekVibe™ structural analysis tool. Our certified engineering analysis includes the following:

  • Panel material types, connections
  • Concrete properties
  • Slab reinforcing steel as/if necessary − for continuity over supports, limiting long-term deflection, temperature and shrinkage control, scheduled slab penetrations and framed floor openings, fire-endurance rating
  • Diaphragm capacities for designed slabs
  • DekVibe™ floor vibration performance analysis
Specialty platform designed with Versa-Floor Long-Span Composite
Build Assistance

We assist builders during the pre-bid and installation phases. To support a builder’s bid, we will provide cost studies, installation guidelines, and specifications. Upon award, we will provide the builder with the deck placement drawings, keyed to the delivered materials. We will also conduct on-site training for the construction team. Full instruction is given on the floor system’s methodology and components, and includes a review of all deck placement drawings and installation procedures. For systems using Deep-Dek® Composite, we provide instruction on the use of the Dek-Lok™ HSL side-lap connection tool.

Installation of Versa-Floor Dep-Dek Composite